Friday, October 15, 2010

The Americans withdrew restraining order for the sale of Liverpool

Американците оттеглиха ограничителната заповед за продажба на Ливърпул  The Americans withdrew restraining order for the sale of LiverpoolLiverpool American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett pulled out a restraining order Teksakskiya court, which blocked the sale of the club to the consortium NESV two days ago, reports the BBC. Worries in the Liverpool camp, however, that this will speed up the transaction with the consortium, which all the club are hoping to be done, but to allow Tom Hicks to sell his share of the hedge fund club Mill, which for several months here is the owner of 50 percent of George Gillett. Expected restraining order issued by a court in Texas, to be reviewed at a further hearing of the court in question today, but it probably will not happen because Hicks and Gillett no longer rely on it. According to British news agency BBC trick with restraining order was used only to buy time for Hicks to agree with Mill.
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