Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beckham LA Galaxy sent to the top

Бекъм прати ЛА Галакси на върха  Former England captain David Beckham fired team Los Angeles Galaxy on top in the American Football League (Major League Soccer). Beckham scored the second goal for his team's victory over Chivas pi with 2:1 in the local derby. 35-year-old English player scored from a free kick in the 39th minute, making the score 2:0 in favor of the Galaxy. U.S. National Edson Badal gave an advance of the hosts in the 24th minute and the visitors could only reduce the outcome in the second half with a shot of Alan Gordon in the 63rd minute. "At the moment the impact headed, I knew that the ball will enter the network," said Beckham, adding that currently is in very good sports form. When switching in the 64th minute he was sent with applause. Los Angeles Galaxy leads the standings with a total of 53 points over defending champion Real Salt Lake - 51 points. Otherwise alumni Bruce has long qualified for the championship playoffs.


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