Sunday, October 17, 2010

Del Piero equalized Boniperti - entered the top 10 of the Calcio

Дел Пиеро изравни Бониперти - влезе в топ 10 на калчото  The symbol of Juventus Alessandro Del Piero said today its 178-and goal in Serie A as a landmark goal for striker Bianconeri. With this goal Alle ranks in the top ten scorers in the eternal Calcio. Leader of the peak is Silvio Piola, who has 274 hits your account in 537 games. Furthermore, Del Piero other existing player in the top 10 is the Prince of Rome, Francesco Totti, who has 192 goals with the team of Roma.

Del Piero Juve went in from Padua in 1993 by a team of modest team from Serie B with world champion Italy has one goal in 14 games. With the shirt of Juve Delpy win it all - a title and Coppa Italia, Champions League trophy and world club championship. If he can score six goals, the darling of typhoid Juve will catch up to ninth place with former star of Fiorentina and Roma Gabriel Batistuta, who has 184 goals.

Here are the top 10 scorer in Serie A:
1. Silvio Piola (274 goals)2. Gunnar Nord (225)3. Giuseppe Meazza (216)3. Jose Altafini (216)5. Roberto Baggio (205)6. Francesco Totti (192)7. Kurt Hamrin (190)8. Giuseppe Siniora (188)9. Gabriel Batistuta (184)10. Giampiero Boniperti (178)10. Alessandro Del Piero (178)


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