Sunday, October 10, 2010

Diego Forlan's refusal to play for Uruguay

Диего Форлан отказа да играе за Уругвай  Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan will miss the friendly match of his team with Indonesia, which will be held tomorrow in Jakarta, transmitted in April Of Uruguayan football body said that is not yet clear reason for the refusal of Forlan. It is not clear whether he will play against China on October 12. According to the media in the country in the possible absence of Forlan be linked to his desire to leave Atletico (Madrid) and change your club team.
The father of the player - Pablo Forlan said that Diego has refused to play in control because of the Uruguay Football Federation has denied his brother to arrange matches. 'Brother Diego - Pablo had a chance to organize the match but the federation opted for another. Why he reacted so, "said his father Pablo Forlan, a former Uruguayan international.


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