Sunday, October 10, 2010

Experimental Brazil defeated Iran

Експерименталната Бразилия разгроми Иран (видео)  Brazil has achieved a comfortable victory with 3:0 against Iran in a friendly match, played in Abu Dhabi. "Selesao" went without most of their stars, but their replacements showed that a spot on the team and coincidentally received confidence breeder Mano Menezes. Goals for five-time world champions have made Dani Alves, Pato and Nilmar. Iranians in no case appeared a weak sparring partner on several occasions impeded goalkeeper Victor, but had no chance to get at least an honorable goal.
The first match between two teams in history and was an excellent opportunity for Iran to prepare for the championship of Asia. Brazilians do for the second success under the leadership of Menezes after his debut victory in the U.S..
"Selesao" issued a 4-3-3 scheme, as the attack was master Robinho, Alexandre Pato and the young star of the Inter Koutinyo. The match, however, started better for Iran and the 5-minute ball into the net for Brazil, but the goal was canceled because of misconduct.
South American giants lead after quarter of an hour playing with the goal of Dani Alves. Barcelona defender scored from a foul. Minute later, Pato could have doubled, but inaccurate shooting. Within 20 minutes another Brazilian attack ended with a punch in the beam of Robinho, followed by a subsequent failure of Pato.
By the end of half the pace of the game fell sharply, but the beginning of the second part of the Iranians looked more boldly in attack and were near the goal, but the beam prevent Nekunam. In the 67-minute Pato finally crowned their efforts with a goal and in stoppage time reservation Nilmar a classic result.
The composition of Brazil: Victor, A. Santos, S. Silva, E. Louis, E. Alves, Lucas, Ramiresh, Eduardo K.; Robinho, Pato, Koutinyo


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