Monday, October 25, 2010

FIFA appointed a new investigation into the corruption affair

ФИФА назначи разследване на новата корупционна афера International Football Federation (FIFA) appoint an investigation of the new corruption affair about the choice of hosting the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. After former Secretary of the Central Rufinen FIFA Michel announced to the Sunday Times the names of the corrupt members of the Executive Committee, World football body made entreaty to the newspaper to provide all potential evidence.

Rufinen himself admitted to the Swiss media that he had contacts with reporters, posing as officials from the U.S. application. He never knew that was filmed with a hidden camera. However Rufinen argues that it did not contact the mediation with none of the members of the Executive Committee of FIFA.

In Central and video Michelle Rufinen that 16 years was general secretary of FIFA before entering into conflict with President Joseph Blatter and be removed, says two members of the Executive Committee who are prone to financial incentives.

Former gensek describes the third member of the Executive Committee, as a boy who can win with women, not money. " Central and Rufinen determined quarters of the Executive Committee as "the biggest gangster who will meet on earth." His vote is worth no less than half a million dollars. Moreover, former Secretary-General to disclose arrangements and deals between individual countries. For example, Qatar will support the candidacy of Spain / Portugal for 2018 and, while they in turn will return the favor for 2022-a. This is forbidden by the rules of FIFA. Later, Michelle Central and Rufinen tried to escape from the unpleasant situation by saying that relied on "notorious rumors." A FIFA to investigate this case thoroughly. Fifa announced a "zero tolerance" for such acts of corruption.

As is known the Ethics Committee of FIFA has already removed two members of the Executive Committee - President of the Oceania Football Confederation Reinaldo Temari and Nigeria's Amos Adamu, indicted for taking bribes. They will not deal with football in the next 30 days, during which it must be proven their guilt, or vice versa. Their fate is expected to decide in November before the vote to select host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 provided for 2 and December. Candidates for 2018 and are England, Russia and joint Spain / Portugal and Belgium / Netherlands, for 2022-and are Qatar, Australia, USA, Japan and South Korea.


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