Sunday, October 24, 2010

FIFA suspend suspected of corruption by the Executive Committee

ФИФА отстрани временно заподозрените за корупция от Изпълнителния комитет Members of the Executive Committee of the International Football Federation (FIFA), which were associated with selling their votes in the vote to host the world championships in 2018 and a 2022-a year were temporarily removed from their positions. FIFA launched an investigation and accusations that unnamed until countries have also entered into corrupt scheme to sell votes, which violates the rules and ethics, said the representative of the organization - Claudio Sulser. He added that it is not expected to delay the vote, which will be held on 2 December.

"This is a sad day for football. In this game there are good and bad, and my task as president of FIFA is to protect the reputation of football from manipulation and misconduct," said federation president - Sepp Blatter.

Charges resulting from the investigation of the reporters at The Sunday Times, performing as an employee of an American consortium, have cast a huge shadow over the race to win the two home World Cup in 2018 and a 2022-a year. For them, voting only have 24 people who are members of the Executive Committee. England and Russia are the favorites for 2018 a year, but both countries will argue with combined applications of Spain and Portugal and Belgium and the Netherlands.

For the championship in 2022, a year struggling countries like Japan, Korea, Qatar, U.S. and Australia. Sulser said it punished the president of the Oceania Football Confederation - Reinaldo Temari, a former French footballer of Nantes, and Nigeria's Amos Adamu. They both will be involved in football in the next 30 days, during which it must be proven their guilt, or vice versa. He added that four other representative persons have been removed "in connection with alleged breaches of the rules, ethics and disciplinary code of FIFA when choosing a host for the World Cup finals in 2018 and a 2022-a year." Names removed Alulu Slim (Tunisia), Amadou Diakite (Mali), Ahongali Fusimalohi (Tonga) and Ismael Bhamzhe (Botswana). In 2006, a year Bhamzhe was knocked out of World Cup in Germany and subsequently left the Executive Committee after it became clear that selling tickets for triple the actual price. Last decision on the case will be decided in mid-November, said Sulser, who is a lawyer and former Swiss international.

"We must ensure the protection of people affected by this case. We do not want public work, because our goal is to respect their rights. However, it is clear that FIFA does not experience tolerance for those who violate the ethics of football as a whole. We must respect all players - from professionals to amateurs and those who play purely for pleasure. Current evidence prompted us to take temporary measures because such a decision is important for the preservation of the purity of the process with applications, "said Sulser.

Secretary General Jerome Valtske denied reports that the process of selecting host the World Cup, who received a form of free bargaining by representatives of the candidates by members of the Executive Committee, has become a failure. "The process of selecting host the world championships in 2018 and a 2022-a year was organized and controlled perfectly. We are not discussion about postponing the final decision and it will be decided on 2 December. However, the which we are witnessing is not at all pleasant. After the tournament in South Africa all the talk about football, what he can achieve in the social aspect and how to develop worldwide, "said Valtske.

Obviously upset President Blatter acknowledged that FIFA needs to restore confidence to the organization. "As president of FIFA, I appeal to all members of our family to behave according to norms, to be honest and work with respect. Let us do our work, to clarify the situation and restore the dignity of FIFA. We will try to do it, but never can we be sure in all honesty, given that in football involving more than one billion people. I was surprised that you reporters asking if FIFA is corrupt. We are widely recognized organizations and institutions .


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