Friday, October 15, 2010

FIFA will investigate a former referee, caught with heroin

ФИФА няма да разследва бивш рефер, хванат с хероин FIFA has no intention to investigate arrested for drug trafficking former international referee Byron Moreno.

This week 41-year-old Ecuadorian was arrested at Kennedy Airport in New York with bags of heroin hidden beneath his clothes.

"Byron Moreno's arrest has nothing to do with football," FIFA said.

Second round of the 2002 World Cup hosts Korea Republic of Italy sides with 2:1 after extra time after the judging scandal at the sea. In 103 minutes of the match the Italian Francesco Totti was sent off unfairly because of a second yellow card and later a goal by his teammate Damiano Tomasi was outrageous repealed.

In 2003, Byron Moreno headed league match between Ecuador's Barcelona and Liga de Quito. The referee gave over 11 minutes of normal time without reason. Both clubs launched a complaint against him and he was punished not manage football in the next 20 rounds of the championship in Ecuador. Shortly after that penalty Moreno announced the end of the judicial career.

After his arrest Byron Moreno was jailed, without bail.

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