Friday, October 15, 2010

Groyter (Fürth) leading to the second division, with six minutes Karaslavov

Гройтер (Фюрт) лидер във Втора Бундеслига, Караславов с 6 минути   Groyter (Fürth) came first in the ranking of the second division after today's team wins with explicit Osnabrück 3:0. With three points team defender Asen Karaslavov surpassed by two points Hertha Berlin (Berlin) on sportalbg that tomorrow goes against the team of Frankfurt and could regain the lead.
Hosted by Furth game decided in its favor in the first half after 45 minutes the lead with 2:0 with goals and Onuegbu Aleksic. The third goal was an own goal of the rod in 60 minutes, which put the final point of dispute. Karaslavov that does not fall in their starting eleven, entered the game in 84 minutes.


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