Friday, October 15, 2010

Head of FIFA: South Africa held the best World Cup ever

Шеф на ФИФА: ЮАР проведе най-добрия Мондиал в историята South Africa held the best World Cup ever, "said FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valk during a meeting of the board of the organizing committee in Johannesburg. "This was the best World Cup of all so far. It was a great success and Brazil, which is organizing the World Cup 2014, should know that its a lot of work to reach the level of South Africa. But we have time to Brazilians to help out a good championship, if not better, "says Valk.

Chief Executive of the Organising Committee Danny Jordan announced that the 2010 World Cup has added 9.3 billion rand to the economy of South Africa.

South Africa invests about 38 billion rand infrastructure for the tournament, including the construction of five new stadiums.

In consultation with FIFA, made between 1000 South Africans, 91 percent believe the country is more united after the World Cup. 87% do think they are more confident in the abilities of the nation than before the World Cup. According to the study of Fifa 83 percent of visitors planned to visit South Africa again in the future and 94 percent would therefore recommend that their friends or relatives.


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