Sunday, October 17, 2010

Infertile Depor again

Ялов Депор за пореден път  Again and again, Deportivo La Coruna has shown that it can score and finished 0:0 at home to Osasuna in a match of the seventh round of La Liga. Nearly an hour boys Miguel Angel Lottie played with a guy more but could not score. So "blue-white" remain without a win in Spain and at the bottom of the standings.
Galiskiyat team went to victory and binding rebounds with the first signal. Pressed hosts, but created difficult situations. The first was a chance for the Reds from Pamplona - to 15-minute Dejan Lekich dangerous shoot from 20 meters but Daniel Aransubia cellars in the corner. Two minutes later Osasuna keeper saved with his foot hit Lasad Noui. Navartsite had a unique opportunity in the 32nd minute, a meter was twice hit the crossbar. Two minutes later, Antonio Thomas shoot undisturbed than ten meters, but over the crossbar. In the 35-minute wing Osasuna Javier Gallego Kamunyas lay on the ground, but did not get a foul and angrily turned to Judge Perez Lhasa. The words of Kamunyas earned him a direct red card.
In the 57-minute penalty Huanfran request for Osasuna, but get free kick after which Vadosh head shot from five meters Aransubia but missed the door. Deportivo's attempts to score continued after the break. Although being a man more difficult hazards, and when attacked stable met Ricardo Lopez.
So the team from A Coruna remains only scored three goals and 19 penultimate place in the Primera.
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