Friday, October 15, 2010

Losing goalie shoots a gun at a journalist, hits and teammate

Разгневен вратар стреля с пистолет по журналист, улучва и съотборник Some players hardly bear critical assessments of his game and goalkeeper Honduran Motagua Donald Morales certainly falls into this category. But he was too far in anger, and decides to clear their accounts with its unloved journalist with weapons.

27-year-old Morales, who has behind him 31 games for antsionalniya team of Honduras, left offensive material from the journalist Saul Karantsa. To get revenge, temperamental guard waited for a reporter after a workout and shot him with an air gun. At the same time naive Karantsa interview teammate goalie Jorge Klaros. Innocent player was hit once, and columnist - twice.

Morales later realized their actions and apologized to victims, but it will not save him severe punishment from the club president Pedro Atalay.


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