Friday, October 15, 2010

Punished two Mexican internationals for six months

Наказаха двама мексикански национали за шест месеца Football Federation of Mexico Carlos Vela and chastised Efrain Juarez not to play six months for the national team of their country and the fines have 11 players for violating the sport mode at the camp. The players held a party at a hotel in Monterrey on September 7 after a friendly match with Colombia. Besides players attended the party 14 prostitutes and a transvestite. The sanctions were announced at a press conference by the heads of Mexican football.

According football headquarters in Mexico and Juarez Vela violated for four of the rules to be followed during the camp of the national team. Carlos Vela is a player of Arsenal (England), while Efrain Juarez brings team to Celtic (Scotland).

Fined players are: Rafael Marquez, Javier Hernandez, Giovani Dos Santos, Giermo Ochoa, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Salsido, Andres Guardado, Gerardo Torado, Pablo Barrera, Hector and Hector Moreno Eskeda.


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