Sunday, October 10, 2010

Romario and The Baby become MPs

Ромарио и Бебето станаха депутати  World Champion of US-94 and the best player in the world for 1994 Romario was elected to the lower house of the Brazilian Congress. 44-year-old Romario was elected by about 150,000 votes. Farin December Romario Souza, who retired from football in 2008, last year became a member of the Brazilian Socialist Party. Romario's political program is focused on aid to poor children in Rio de Janeiro. Romario has scored 55 goals in 70 matches with the shirt of the Brazilian national team.
Partner in the invasion of Romario's World Cup soccer in the USA-94 - Baby, was also elected, but in Congress the state of Rio de Janeiro. 46-year-old Jose Roberto Gama de Oliveira, called the baby has 39 goals in 75 appearances for the Brazilian national team.


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