Friday, October 15, 2010

Special forgive Pedro Leon, back Canales and Albion

Специалния прости на Педро Леон, върна Каналес и Албиол  Special forgive Pedro Leon, back Canales and Albion
Pedro Leon, Sergio Canales and Raul Albion fell into a group of Real Madrid for tomorrow's league match against Malaga. Three were absent from the last few call for various reasons. Mursianskiyat midfielder Leon was punished by Jose Mourinho for bad behavior. Canales Albion and heal from injuries and are back in the plans of the Special.
Sergio Ramos misses the announced list of 20 players because of injury from the meeting in Spain with Scotland (3:2). Los blankos "visit Malaga tomorrow evening at 23.00 hours today.

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