Saturday, November 13, 2010

Argentine and Brazilian team qualified for the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana

Аржентински и бразилски тим се класираха за полуфиналите на Копа Судамерикана  Independiente (Argentina) and Goias (Brazil) are the other two teams that qualified for the semifinals of the second-highest South American club football tournament for the Copa Sudamericana. Independiente drew 0:0 in the second leg of Tolima (Colombia), but it was enough to go ahead because of more away goals. The first meeting last week ended 2:2. With a goal of Rafael Moura in the 44th minute Goias surprisingly beat compatriots from Avay with 1:0 as a guest with a total score of 3:2 among the top four. The first match ends in a draw 2:2. Goias in the semifinals will play again with Brazilian team - Palmeiras, who a day earlier Atletico Mineiro side with a total score of 3:1 (2:0 and 1:1). Independiente again will confront the winner of the trophy Liga de Quito (Ecuador), which overcame the resistance of another Argentine team - Nyuel's Old Boys (1:0 and 0:0).


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