Monday, November 8, 2010

Blatter: Brazil has a small problem, but will make a spectacular World Cup

Блатер: Бразилия има малки проблем, но ще направи грандиозен Мондиал residents of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Sepp Blatter said Brazil has problems in its preparations to host the World Cup-2014. "There are some problems, as in the first stages in Germany in 2006 and in South Africa in 2010, but this is normal," said Blatter in an interview published in today's edition of the Brazilian sports daily Lance.

"But now I'm happy with the hosts. There is no doubt that we expect a spectacular world championship in 2014. I'm sure Brazil will organize the World Cup without any problems-2014," said FIFA President Blatter.

Preparatory work in 12 cities, which started in May this year, late, recognized and Brazilian organizers of World Cup 2014. Among the stadiums that need to play matches of World Cup-2014, is the mythical "Maracana". Preparatory activities and reconstruction of "Maracana" worth 400 million U.S. dollars (310 million) have already begun. After the reconstruction stadium Maracana will have a capacity 83,000 seats against the current 88,000 seats. Brazil will organize the second time World Cup later in 1950 when Brazil lost to Uruguay to 1:2 and remained second after Uruguay.


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