Thursday, November 18, 2010

FIFA: Spain and Portugal, with priority for World Cup 2018

ФИФА: Испания и Португалия с предимство за Мондиал 2018  Joint bid with Spain and Portugal have advantage over other candidates, announced today the FIFA Executive Committee, is touting the Pyrenees. Other seeking to organize football forum are England, Russia and the Netherlands and Belgium together.
Iberian application is set to "low risk" along with the British, while others are considered as those with "medium risk".
World Cup in Spain in 1982 Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 and Euro 2004 (Portugal) are new advantages for iberiytsite. On December 2 there will be clarity on the World Cup hosts in 2018 and 2022.
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FIFA published reports of the committee evaluated the candidate hosts of SR 2018 and 2022Nani failed brilliant goal from Cristiano - CR7 cast bar from anger (video)


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