Monday, November 8, 2010

The nomination of Spain and Portugal threatened SP2018

Кандидатурата на Испания и Португалия за СП2018 застрашена

Превод от български на английски

FIFA decided to initiate the application of Spain and Portugal for the World Cup in 2018 because of possible replacement of voices with emirate of Qatar, which aims at conducting SP2022, thundered newspaper Marca. Process initiated at the insistence of the English Football Association - also a candidate for the World Cup after eight years, must find its authorization to vote on 2 December.

Communication for the beginning of the investigation arrived at the offices of the Royal Spanish Football Federation last week. Iberian common application is ready to assist with everything needed and its representatives feel very relaxed. However Fifa did consider a formal complaint by Russia for certain irregularities in the English bid.


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