Monday, November 29, 2010

Santos Laguna Monterrey and argue for the title in Mexico

Сантос Лагуна и Монтерей спорят за титлата в Мексико Santos Laguna and Monterrey will argue for the league championship in the Mexican Football (Aperture). In the semifinal match-rematch Santos drew 3:3 with America, but keep going thanks to the success as a guest with 2:1 in the first meeting. Monterey crush resistance UNAM Pumas at the end of the game. The first meeting ended in a 0:0, and so went the second to 87 th minute when Humberto Suazo picked up the stands. The guests rushed forward to catching up, but instead got another goal in his work of Neri Cardozo in the 90th minute. So final between Santos Laguna and Monterrey is not only a clash for the title, but to dominate the North. The first game is Thursday night in Torreon and the second - on Sunday in Monterrey.


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