Thursday, November 18, 2010

VIDEO: Comedy of Errors in the Asian Games 'football' miss from the goal line

ВИДЕО: Комедия от грешки на Азиатските игри, "футболист" пропусна от голлинията  A unique series of wrong moves viewers saw 1/4-finalniya match between Uzbekistan and Qatar in Asian Games. In 91 minutes of the match between the opponents goalkeeper Uzbekistan Timur Yuraev make a great gift for striker Qatar, missing the ball between his legs and leaving him thus an empty door. End of the meter itself golliniyata reserve player katartsite Khalfan Fahad however make one of the most scandalous deficiencies in football history, having hit the crossbar on a door completely emptied.
Ultimately, the criminal omission of Fahad proved fatal and Uzbekistan took the match with 1:0 after extra time goal by Ivan Nagaev in 108 minutes. See video of the omission of Khalfan Fahad.


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