Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blatter has rejected accusations of corruption in football station

Блатер отхвърли обвиненията за корупция във футболната централа FIFA president Sepp Blatter has rejected accusations of corruption in football station, after Russia and Qatar won household respectively Mondial'2018 and Mondial'2022. Blatter called England "bad loser" because of the reactions in the country after the election of FIFA.

"To be honest I am surprised by the reactions of England after the loss. England is the home of honor, people are extremely polite. Now they appear as" bad losers, "Blatter said in an interview with Swiss magazine" Weltwoche ". Four days ago Acting president of the English Football Association (FA) Roger Bardan withdraw his candidacy to take the post permanently. Bardan as a reason for its decision that it no longer believes the members of the Executive Committee of FIFA after the failure of England in the fight to host the World Championship in 2018.

He explained that the British delegation to the choice of leader in the finals of Mondial'2018 in Zurich yesterday, which included Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William have been promised more votes. Ultimately England received only 2 of 22 votes and a household was given to Russia. Blatter said that the reaction of the losers shows that they do not understand the idea of FIFA to extend the limits in football.

"I am saddened by the reactions of the Western world to Christian lands. Would be a mistake if it does not expand the football world," added the president of FIFA. Blatter has rejected accusations of corruption and said that the plant is subject to anti-FIFA journalists: "There is systematic corruption in FIFA. This is absurd. Everything on finance is clean and clear. "We need to improve its image. So we need to clear everything in FIFA," Blatter added.

Asked if he will still be president of Fifa to find Mondial'2022 Qatar Blatter said: "Definitely not. If God decided to be invited to the opening ceremony and will be on crutches or a wheelchair.

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