Saturday, December 25, 2010

Henri Michel takes Equatorial Guinea

Анри Мишел поема Екваториална Гвинея French football legend Michel Henry signed a 13-month contract as coach of the small African country of Equatorial Guinea. Michelle is the task of preparing the team of that country to host the Cup of African Nations, which are precisely the host Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. For 63-year-old former French international coach and this is another challenge after African Cameroon, Morocco and Ivory Coast, all these countries it has led them to World Cup football. Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony, is quite the other class. The team is 167 th place in the FIFA world rankings and has lost all its 10 most recent international matches.

"My task is to build battleworthy team to be present at the tournament as the host and to make people remember us, explained the purpose of which he placed himself Michel.


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