Saturday, December 25, 2010

In Chile, the president stripped of the football federation because of Marcelo Bielsa

В Чили махнаха президента на футболната федерация заради Марсело Биелса Chilean Football Federation announced that it will hold new elections for president and thus make a gesture to national team coach Marcelo Bielsa to return to office. Argentine specialist who qualified Chileans World Cup in South Africa and previously developed a comprehensive national strategy for the development of football in this country, quit after incessant scandals with President Jorge Segovia.

Segovia was elected to the post on 4 November this year, but almost immediately after taking power began to be confronted with Bielsa, who has been appointed by the former chief Harad Maine-Nichols. Maine-Nichols announced that it will not run again for the post of the next Congress, which is scheduled for 4 and January. Separately, Segovia is accused by people of the federation, he began to conclude commercial contracts with questionable value on behalf of the federation and those documents have been submitted by the prosecution.


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