Friday, December 3, 2010

Peleto will not return to Bulgaria, President of Steaua

Пелето няма да се връща в България, обяви президентът на Стяуа Steaua has not indicated that they will part with Bulgarian Stanislav Angelov, everything is written in the media is not truth and speculation, "said the president of Steaua Helmut Dukadam. "It is clear that the Bulgarian is a very quality player and always went into the game shows his class. We are not discussing the possibility to part with Angelov," said former European Cup winner in 1986, as quoted by Bulgarian site Romanian-Football. com

This happened after the Bulgarians came in the second half of the match with Liverpool and lifted the team spirit of 1:1. Our boy took part in goals for Steaua.

So most likely will fail to transfer pellets Litex because Angelov recently said he wants to stay in Steaua.

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