Friday, December 3, 2010

Sir Alex: The games at Christmas will be crucial in the title race

Сър Алекс: Мачовете по Коледа ще са решаващи в битката за титлата Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes that games that are played around Christmas, will be crucial in the battle for the title in the Premier League. Then the Red Devils have meetings with Chelsea and Arsenal are the team's main rivals for first place and two wins against them can have serious psychological significance.

"Everyone wants to win these derbies because they are very important. We were tooth and nail to lead the standings with two points ahead of Chelsea, so the battle with them at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal's visit to Manchester will be crucial no doubt about it. He saw that last year in meetings with Chelsea, some judicial decisions were not in our favor, and ultimately lost points that proved decisive in the end of the season, "said Ferguson.

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