Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stopped football in Ghana

Спряха футбола в Гана Ghanaian Football Association suspended all matches in the country after eventful week. During the week, police raided the offices of the headquarters and seized records of all its activities. Meanwhile, the World Football Federation (FIFA) has threatened Ghana that will bring its national and club teams from international competitions if the situation does not normalize soon. Nine computer, as well as unspecified including mobile phones, were seized by the economic police and the department to combat criminal phenomena.

It is expected that an official statement of government today, tomorrow or early next week, as well as steps to legalize the federation of the country. Clubs from the top division of the country even announced that they withdraw their representatives who are members of the Football League as a sign that they want to distance themselves from the federation. Ghana is a quarter of the last World Cup in South Africa and its youth team in 20 years is a world champion.


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