Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xavi: It won the World Cup doping

Чави: Не спечелихме Мондиала допингирани The first World Cup in Spain this summer in South Africa no any connection with the use of banned stimulants cut La Rocha midfielder Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona. The theme of doping again caused a sensation in the Iberian country after the so-called grand scandal. Operation Gilgal.

"It hurts me that in Spanish sports such things happen. No more guilty, but it is painful. From the position of insiders in the world of football, we can say that there is no any kind of doping that won the World Cup absolutely sure that we have not taken any doping. In this sense we are calm, no problem, and constantly tested, "said Xavi and expressed his confidence that those involved, including the world champion race of 3000 meters hurdles Marta Dominguez will be recognized innocent.

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