Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Asian Cup: Not Sterile, But Sterility Possible

Twas something of a foregone closing that China would bring the fun to the Asian Cup, be it from the demesne of the not quite jural or shit-I-hope-he-has-a-good-lawyer. They seem to be as grave as anyone about their inspired attempt to consortium martial subject and football, which makes it alright to fire them unwaveringly low the bus. It wasn’t really due that they would select kindred activity from their opponents, like Kuwait’s Nada Masaed, who was so touched by Felipe Melo’s extracurriculars from a sitting position, he booted his Chinese adversary in the dumplings. Masaed was then sent off, and possibly cried. Is there a band to be had that he was hired by the Chinese gov’t to serve as an agent foreign for accumulation control? Probably. [Spotted on Dirty Tackle]


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