Monday, January 10, 2011

Fifa against BFU - gives the referee suspended play abroad

ФИФА срещу БФС - дава на наказан рефер да свири в чужбина FIFA approved 29 judges from Bulgaria, who will be able to manage international matches in 2011. Striking is that the six approved candidates to the chief of men is that of Angel Angelov, who is normally punished not playing matches at home by summer. This is the referee who distort derby Litex - Lokomotiv (Sofia) (1:0) in the autumn, after it ruled an infringement in favor of "railroad" and then immediately dropped the winning goal for the champions. So now a very real paradox Angelov to run games abroad but not in Bulgaria.

The list of approved judges
Chief Judge (men):
1. Angel Angelov
2. Anton Genov
3. Alexander Kostadinov
4. Stanislav Todorov
5. Nikolay Yordanov
6. Georgi Yordanov

Assistant Referee:
1. Nikolay Angelov
2. Tihomir Bobolov
3. Veselin Mishev
4. Ventsislav Gavrilov
5. Ivo Kolev
6. Nikolai Petrov
7. Georgi Slavov
8. Krum Stoilov
9. Ivan Valtchev
10. Dian Valkov

1. Traian Enchev
2. Kalin Kinov
3. Borislav Kolev

Beach soccer:
1. Stoyan Alexiev
2. Petyo Pushkarov

1. Kamen Georgiev
2. Dimitrina Milkova
3. Anelia Sinabov
4. Donka Zheleva-Terzieva
5. Yordanka Korchev
6. Denitsa Krumova
7. Ekaterina Marinova
8. Gergana Types

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