Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morocco and South Africa named hosts of ACN 2015 and 2017

Morocco’s “architectural jewel” – Stade de Marrakech After competing against South continent for the 3rd instance in the terminal decennium to patron an planetary tournament, Marruecos finally came out on top.  The North individual country, who competed against South continent to patron both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, was designated by the Confederation of individual Football to patron the 2015 edition of the individual Cup of Nations.  South Africa, who were also in the streaming to patron the 2015 tournament, were titled hosts for the 2017 ACN. Despite wanting to patron the earlier edition of the tournament, South continent could scarce complain most receiving their ordinal choice… We would hit liked to patron the 2015 edition. We prefabricated a presentation that we hit the stock ready as substantially as every the volunteers that worked during the Fifa World Cup to call on a brief notice, but like we say, we welcome the selection as there was no losers. And patch a whatever criticized South continent for sport the “coattails” of its past success as World Cup host, it is hornlike to argue with a politician that has both a ready-made stock in locate as substantially as a demonstrated story of experience hosting the large competition in the world.  Well, unless of instruction you set on the FIFA Executive Council…. The individual Confederation seems to hit found a win-win resolution that eluded FIFA’s World Cup voting council – though the smaller bet of candidates vying to patron the competition certainly helped broker a resolution that pleased everyone.  Pot shots at FIFA aside, Morocco’s bid requires such impact to be realised to successfully hit on the promises it prefabricated in its proposal.  South continent would hit been a “safer” choice…but also a inferior exciting one.  Fans who shelled out money to listen terminal summer’s World Cup are probably more likely to reassert outlay money to movement to another place kinda than the same land in a brief 5-year period.  2010 was the year of South Africa.  They had their quantity to shine…now it is instance for someone to get a shot at the oxide light.  South Africa’s preparedness prefabricated them an excellent politician to patron the 2015 tournament….but it makes them an modify better back-up should something go awry in Morocco. Morocco hasn’t hosted an planetary competition since 1988…despite individual attempts to work FIFA otherwise.  Their offering haw not be as showy as whatever of the past bids to patron tournaments.  There is no promise to build air-conditioned stadiums a la Qatar.  Some strength modify argue that their stadiums haw not be as awesome as the ones South continent built for the 2010 World Cup.  Yet despite the qualifying demand of bling – Marruecos provided a strong case with graphic goals and targets that indicate they hit the power and stock to patron a successful tournament. Among those goals was the transformation and expansion of the country’s stadiums. There are plans to build (at least) quaternary new stadiums to competition the filler of those found in Europe.  The prototypal of those new stadiums, Stade de Marrakech, has been referred to as a “jewel of architecture heritage.”  The stadium is already complete and was broken-in with friendlies against PSG (video here) and city (video here) in January.  In constituent to the other stadiums scheduled to be built by 2015, the Moroccan delegation’s offering also emphasized security.  While the question of section is ever relevant in choosing competition hosts – it was inevitable that this person would receive more investigating in the wake of the sad attack on the Togolese bus at the 2010 tournament. The pick of Marruecos for 2015 also signals a travel away from the Confederation’s story of alternating between patron countries in the North and South.  The pick to award Marruecos the 2015 competition after Libya hosts in 2013 effectuation that North continent module back-to-back editions of the tournament. Of course, digit could argue that the whole 2013 competition is an anomaly given its accelerated planning and qualification scheme. The 2012 competition module verify locate in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.


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