Monday, January 10, 2011

South Korea began to win the championship of Asia

Южна Корея започна с победа на първенството на Азия (видео) The team of South Korea started with a victory participation in football competition in Asia. They won with 2:1 match in Bahrain in Group 'C'. South Koreans, who are twofold champions of Asia, dominated the 85 minutes of the match and led by two goals, case of 21-year-old midfielder Yaechol Co., who scored both their goals after mistakes in the defense of Bahrain. He scored in 40 th and 52 th minute. In the 85-minute Korean defender Kuak Tayhvi fouled in the penalty area roughly Reserve Bahrain Abdullah Al Dachshund and a red card, and Fawzi Ayash realized Own Goal.


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