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The Adventures of Bryan Robson in the Far East

Приключенията на Брайън Робсън в Далечния Изток  Bryan Robson looks that can still do the job on the pitch. Now the 53 breeder Thailand wandering through the hotel in Bangkok, which is located a few miles east of his house in the center, where all the action. Turbulent life there can be compared with the style of play the former captain of Manchester United and England, but now Robson enjoys a different pace of life away from the noise of English football.

"Missing you daily jokes and stories in one club, but I was in this atmosphere so many years, says Robson. - Then sit down and think that working as a coach is close to part-time compared with being manager of the club. have time to see my family. Do not go at six every morning to be first on the training ground and to plan training for the day. In most of the time your goal is to organize what they expected and then intelligence, but intelligence is enjoyable."

That was only part of his work, which was hit by riots in Bangkok earlier this year. Being a manager of Middlesbrough, West Brom, Bradford and Sheffield United can be a challenge, but usually not long occupation in the center of big cities and skirmishes. The center of Bangkok and the Thai government were paralyzed for weeks to remind the Englishman, that is away from home.

The decision came as the east was not taken easily, but the fact that he will become the third former English international, who held office during the last decade, helped. He succeeded Peter Witt and Peter Reid a year ago. "Three times I was having lunch with Reed when I received the proposal, so I had plenty of information on the site before accepting. I really enjoyed working with Terry Venables in the two years until Euro 96 in England. So after a few years divisions, I wanted to take national team. At one point I thought that I have great chances to enter Ireland before they appoint Brian Kerr. then Nigeria has given me this opportunity, but the government intervened and did not take place. When you get a chance to come in Asia I was interested. I knew what passion there is in Thailand for football, so I thought: Yes, it will be experience in a different culture, a different challenge, "said Robson.
Many trainers who work east of Europe are surprised by the love of the Premier League. Among English clubs Manchester United is the favorite in most of Asia, although the south-east has long been the territory of Liverpool. Although this may have changed, as Brian says, looking at the bars of Manchester United, which is full every time the team has a match. "I think United is No. 1 in the region that are ahead of Liverpool. When I first came to Malaysia as a player, Liverpool was an absolute hit, but the success of United in the last 15-20 years that has changed. Obviously Chelsea is also respected and can see many teams with Arsenal in the streets because of their success in the early era Wenger. Everywhere is the same. win many fans if they are on TV and win tournaments, "he explains.
Robson aims at something and hoping that when he leaves than trophies in the office in Bangkok, will leave something intangible but equally important: "They can put some foundation from which to pick fruit later. We (along with his assistant Steve Derby) talk to the federation and clubs where they are and how they can develop. Some clubs took this into account. If we let something like this, will it cost. I want something to happen like that and you've gone, people say: Bryan Robson said that we can develop, if the organization improve. Of course, I would like to say and how we went to the finals of the Asian Games and we won the Suzuki Cup.
Suzuki Cup to be held in December, is a tournament featuring eight countries of Southeast Asia and is played every two years. He may not care about the rest of the world, but means a lot for about 600 million in the region. The last three titles of Thailand won the 2002 team is still one of the leaders in the region, but will not participate in the Asian Cup, but was not close to World Cup 1938

"We go as one of the favorites because it is Southeast Asia. There are good teams. Malaysia plays in a combination of year and a half, so they are almost like a club side. In Singapore, the team played 23 years in the league each week. Vietnam similar to Thailand in terms of quality players. Competition is interesting, but I hope to reach the final, even win, "said Robson.
A little strange to listen to the man who has 90 appearances for England and was the face of the club and his country in the 80's, talking about teams like Malaysia and Singapore, but he does not stop here. Forthcoming Games Asia in November and Copa del Rey in February, when Brian will evaluate: "We should do well in these tournaments - not just to satisfy my requirements, but also those of the Thai Federation. Much will depend on how to introduce these competitions and in the end they would've been here about 20 months. Then you will see what I have accomplished before I think about what I'm about. "
In Thailand, want to include this future world championship at one stage. "Sometimes expectations can be a bit excessive. I do not think fans expect too much, but the media always do. People in the Federation always think that players have to perform better," said the Englishman.

Maybe soon it will happen. Thailand Premier League evolve, as more money is invested, the ads have increased and the 3-4 teams are becoming more professional. But there can go a long way. Thailand's victory over India in Bangkok confirms to Robson that players from the national team of Thailand are more technical than those trained in his previous job at Sheffield United but missed chances remind why the team failed to qualify for the Cup of Asia. However, Robson is optimistic.
"There is hope for the future. Things in Thailand are developing really quickly in the past two years, the league is getting stronger and richer. There are many undeveloped talent now, but has not worked over the years can occur premium players. The players are very polite and do everything possible to bring up what you put them on the dashboard of training. It did not spoil them - life is tough and if they make a wrong step, are punished. If you go to England and tell them that thus relate to the players in this part of the world think they can appreciate what they have. "
At this point, however, Robson assesses what it has in Thailand.
John Dyurden for ESPN


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