Sunday, October 10, 2010

President of Bolivia kicked an opponent in the groin during a match (Video)

Президентът на Боливия изрита противник в слабините по време мач (видео)  President of Bolivia Evo Morales get involved in a scandal during an exhibition game in the country's capital La Paz. Team led by Head of State of Latin American countries face the team led by the mayor of La Paz and leader of the opposition party "Movement without fear" - Louis Reviyya. The meeting was organized to initiate a new course in town, but passed away from a friendly spirit and ended with four players sent off. During the meeting, Morales kicked his opponent Daniel Gustavo Cartagena in the groin after being made against Pallu footballer Tim Morales. Although unsportsmanlike event Evo was not expelled, and red cards given the victim a member of the opposition and one of the bodyguard of the president. After the matches police tried to arrest Morales kicked out of the player, but after intervention by the mayor of La Paz things have passed. Eventually the game ended 4:4, but Morales scored one of the goals.

Link to the video `President of Bolivia kickes opponent in the balls` 


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