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The eleventh man

Единадесетият човек Jean Yves Labaz will die after a few seconds. His body will be crushed under the huge, shapeless lumps of concrete and crushed him to pieces remains will be found for several days. Time is 16:53. Day - 12 January this year. Jean has just entered the building of the National Football Federation and has no idea that it is only a few moments away from a sudden, sinister fate. The three-storey building of the federation will literally explode razstarsena of insanely earthquake will swallow it in a violent mill of concrete, bricks, iron and glass. In this day together with the submission will die even 250,000 of his countrymen - victims of one of the largest natural disasters in human history. 
 In that same time, radiant, 16-year-old girl named Briyana Haberlin began its next workout about 1000 km distance carefree and sunny South Florida.

She had not seen and will never see Jean Yves Labaz, but their fates will find a way to interweave in a special, sad, beautiful way to write this story and make us believe in the existence of the mysterious and sometimes lonely eleventh man. 
 A few kilometers away from Jean Yves, the best young vratarka Haiti - 15 year-old Alexandra Bryant will survive by a miracle, but what will survive after a few seconds, leaving deep, open wounds in her fragile psyche and will likely January sting end na its days. The ground beneath her feet suddenly begins to purl with deep gastric roar and then if you were to live in the mad, chaotic convulsions. Alexandra is trained to keep his balance, never lose your temper, to trust their feline reflexes and intuition. But 7 degrees on the Richter scale were too much for everyone. Like everything under its feet will dissolve, taka che even her strong legs will not stand, it will lose balance and crashed to the ground helpless. Equal amounts of fear, terror and panic will invade her soul and her paralyzed muscles
To this day, Ale xander and all her teammate from the national team of Haiti will survive but lose parents, relatives, friends, all his property and scarce man she loves as a father born - Jean Yves Labaz.
They say that was the best coach of Haiti and one of the few reasons for optimism in this forworn of poverty and misfortune to the country. Labaz was a philosopher, a dreamer and an outstanding educator who believed that his calling is not to win matches so as to form personalities. Maybe that's why his competitors were so attached to it. Haiti is a country madly in love with football, but lack of funding and infrastructure is limited to the extreme development. The team was not the World Cup almost 40 years. The greatest success has been achieved precisely by Labaz under whose leadership the girls' great formation of the country is well on the global girls to 17 years in South Korea in 2007. Famished for any successful party followed with bated breath every second of the matches of the girls and then dignified presentation greeted them as heroes.
After the death of Labaz not only athletes, but the whole football in Haiti seemed osirotyaha and future of the sport seemed ruined. Federation was turned to dust along with all records, funds and several thousand just bought footballs. Under the building were buried 30 people - the entire leadership of the federation. The country was completely crushed and steeped in post-apocalyptic nightmare. One of the biggest problems was that people in Haiti have built their houses as bynkeri to protect them from hurricanes, not earthquakes. Here the wind is the biggest enemy, so everything is heavy construction - brick, stone and concrete. No doubt you've seen the horrific footage from CNN: hundreds of thousands of victims, bloodied streets and prominent fixtures in all directions, short nails as predator concrete epidermis of mutilated buildings. Port-au-Prince has become a tomb - ctaritsata threshed with hair everywhere, crime and disease were not late to bare your dirty faces, and the air was permeated with the smell of decaying corpses. Millions were homeless and lived in tents or straight into the sky. Alexandra was one of them. The girl there in a state of stupor, sleeping in dirty tents and eating meals with a meager morsel of the day. In fact, all her friends on the team were in exactly the same situation. Within a few seconds they had lost everything they possessed, or even what had not yet received - future. The team was disbanded naturally, but they turned into a golf camp for homeless.

But suddenly - a miracle!
After two months of agony, hunger and painfully trim the edge of existence, one by one the girls were found and sent to the qualification for World Championships in Costa Rica. So against all logic and expectations, 56 days after the earthquake 11 Tormented fatigue children stood against the mighty U.S. team. Among the darkness, death and destruction, Haiti again watched with bated breath feeding blind hope for anything, even a minor inspiration. There was nothing in this world that girls want more at this point than to provide dignity and donate at least a smile on his compatriots. Let me take you in 88 minutes of this match. The best the U.S. napadatelka Lindsay Chorea is the white point. On golliniyata, our old friend Alexandra Cody springy nervously nimble on his feet and exhausted but trying to look into the mind of your opponent to guess the angle dyzpata. And want to save the impact, do something nice for his team for their fellow citizens for Jean Yves, whose soul departed loved so much. "We'll throw on the left just as I can!" Alexandra tells her, which apparently had read something in the eyes of the American. Horen is growing all the momentum and scored a 180 cm in his body back. Girl plonzhira like a cat covering perfectly the left corner of the door ... But this is not a fairy tale. Lindsay shoots hard and accurate right and marks the imperative goal.
Americans continue to attack as axes and in stoppage time failed to score another goal, forming the final result: 9:0! Yes - nine to zero! To coach the U.S. national team Kazbek Tambo want to say: "Man, what are you doing?" You do not have a heart in the chest and brain in your head? What do you want to prove? What are you trying to compensate? Do I have to beat in pieces, and humiliate stapchesh group of children who lost parents and loved ones, homes and even the man who had formed them as individuals? Did not you see that these girls play with the drained bodies and souls Tormented? not been trained. Do not eat and sleep like normal people for weeks and legs moving only through the superhuman will. Their very presence here is heroic, and there is a way without being offensive to keep some of their dignity. Do I need to send a as his best napadatelka that in this match scored four goals to beat penalty? Or throw the whole team in attack in 92 minutes? Mr. Tambo, then 4:0 is no competition - there is killing of complexes sick ambitions and inexplicable desire to humiliate the enemy came from the poorest country in the western hemisphere. If you think you are defeated - a deep lie. In this situation all the biggest loser you are! "
One of the things that just can not describe the level of football that is played by girls and women here in the U.S..
Mass scale, the basis for phenomenal infrastructure is unmatched by anything in the world. Americans are so good that the biggest problem for coaches is how to give a handful of the thousands footballer who deserve to be natsionalki. No matter how much I wanted, however fought for every inch of grass, the girls from the small, crumbling island nation has no chance against a slender, perfectly organized and very expensive football institution. 
 After the game haityankite went home with heads bowed, but Alexandra could not move from his door. Although save situations and put so each cell by himself, the girl felt personally responsible for damages to her home humiliation. Was crushed and broken here and for the second time within two months of the ground beneath her feet seemed to dissolve into violent spasm and the girl who was trained not to lose his composure and balance again fell helplessly on the grass. Body and razstrese in unstoppable tears and small vratarka knew that crying is not just for games and not only for themselves but for all his countrymen suffered for orphaned children, Jean Yves, a lost future. At that moment tektonnite slabs of her soul finally faced the magnitude and na this cruel sartsetresenie could not be covered even by the Richter scale.

But this is precisely at this point depressant funny thing happened, a rare and very beautiful. Briyana Haberlin - radiant vratarka of Americans felt it was very deep down turmoil long before the match and was just this guy on the team who understood perfectly the importance of the situation. Today, after I know better, I believe that if haityankite were made at least one dangerous attack on her door, he would somehow enter the network. Briyana was far from broken opponent, but has come a hundred feet to her door without hesitation, took the weeping girl in his arms, not let it fall over the earth. For the rest of their honor her colleague saw what was happening and followed suit. Group hug lasted nearly two minutes and when finally broke Briyana itself was in tears.
I watched amazed that poignant scene with a man who I respect most in this world and finally he told me: "You know, I think there is a nearly statistical logic in what happened. Of the eleven on the pitch, one person felt things your heart and lead others. Perhaps, unfortunately, so is the dependence of life - probably roughly one in every eleven has sensitivity and soul to do such a thing. " 1 / 11! Is this really approximate algebra of kindness? It is, if so, at least it is nice that we all know someone in another edinadeseti man. Mother Teresa was the eleventh person .... Mandela ... Jean Yves Labaz ... Briyana Haberlin. 

The girl did not stop there.
Immediately after the tournament, Brie and all call her, she went by herself to the U.S. Department named and registered foundation: "Mnogo hearts - one goal. The idea was to raise money to be able to lead the team to Haiti in a tournament in Orlando, and thus enable them to escape from the nightmare zamalko in their country to go to Disneyland, especially to erase the feeling of qualifications and continue to play their favorite sport at least a little under normal conditions. Bree was so selfless, her enthusiasm so infectious that convinced thousands of people make small donations and virtually alone to raise funds. Alexandra and her colleague spent two unforgettable weeks in Florida and at least for the smiles are back on their faces.
I contacted an extremely modest Bree, just to tell her exactly what I think of her act for her big heart and for parents who have brought such a wonderful child. Not often man ce encounter infant girl understand the world and life better than his coach, who has lived in this world 49 years. I asked her to tell you something, and she wished to convey to you the following: "I want to thank all who see things like me and you please whenever you get the chance to give strength and hope of those who do not have to do it without hesitation! "

 compassion. Do not we need to survive. You will not find it in textbooks of biology. Will help you win the competition or make a lot of money. But in some special way we need it and makes us human. Compassion will outline and weight. It does not come from nowhere, but if you let him lead us anywhere. Compassion is inexplicable, purely human characteristic that has helped us to be differentiated as a unique species in nature. He said it himself Darwin.

The match between Haiti and the United States has passed, but left a trace in sartsata of many people. Thanks to this story if one day fell in such a situation will never look at it as a coincidence, but a golden opportunity to use and I the wisdom of a 16 year old girl. I hope your reader to see things that way and if fate someday open the door to such a circumstance for you and put you at the slightest Bree, to take advantage with no thought for the benefit and advantage in this precious moment in football or businessman, or president, or anything to turn into something much more - Eleventh man ... man.


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