Friday, October 15, 2010

Хамбургер само с 15 здрави футболисти срещу Майнц  Hamburger with just 15 healthy players against Mainz
Team Hamburg SHF only managed to gather a group to visit the leader in Germany, Mainz 05 on Saturday. The composition of Armin Fee is plagued by numerous injuries as a specialist will be able to count only 15 players fully healthy. Some holders do will almost certainly return Jose Paolo Guerrero and Marcell Jansen, who resumed training a few days ago. In the infirmary does remain Yarolim David, Mladen Petric, Dennis Aogo, Denis Dikmayer Maxim Chupo-Moting and Dutch national Elzhero Elia. Despite absent Armin Fee said the team is fully prepared for a confrontation and will do everything possible to stop the winning move of Mainz.
"The match in Mainz is very important for us because it will show which way things will continue. We have 11 points, while the top two teams in the standings is now disconnected. Definitely need to win if we want to stay in the fight. We have enough players who to play as our team is pretty balanced, "said Fee.
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