Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farfán new risk removal from the national team of Peru

Фарфан рискува ново изваждане от националния отбор на Перу Jefferson Farfán is facing a new release of the national soccer team of Peru, local media reported. Schalke 04 striker, defender and winger John Galikio Raymond Manco left the team hotel without permission after a 0:1 loss of Panama, then visited the casino. Professor Markariyan (b.r. - national coach) report and sent it to the federation. It mentions that Galikio, Manco and Jefferson overstepped the rules in Panama. Three can be penalized by removal from the national team until the end of their careers, "said the anonymous source of the Peruvian media.

Farfán and several of his teammates were removed from the national team in 2007-a year when they were spotted at the unauthorized party. It was organized in just three days before losing by 1:5 against Ecuador in Quito.


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