Sunday, October 24, 2010

King of football camp at 70

Краля на футбола стана на 70 (видео с негови 20 гола) Edson Arantesh to Nashsimento known around the world as Pele, today celebrates 70 years. That is somewhat controversial, because according to some sources, the great Brazilian striker has seen first light at 21 and oktomvi and not on 23. Either way, however, three-time world champion is now 70 years, although the elderly Pele continues to be an ambassador of football. Born seven decades ago in the small town DOMESTIC Korasoinsh (three hearts - port.) Legendary footballer, who his relatives told him Diko, known everywhere as the King of football. Even today there is a dispute as to whether exactly Pele is the greatest footballer of all time, and many give the title of Argentina's Diego Maradona. This, of course, everyone can define their own criteria. Enjoy some legendary performances by the legend of the Santos and Brazil


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