Monday, October 25, 2010

Stoichkov: I never said that I will work with Guardiola

Стоичков: Не съм казвал, че ще работя с Гуардиола Hristo Stoichkov refuted the information that you will enter into the headquarters of the Barcelona coach Guardiola Dzhosep. Bulgarians gave an interview to newspaper "El Mundo" and visibly irritated when asked will be right hand of Guardiola. "I never said I will be working near Pep, whom many admire. It is true that we have spoken with the president to work for the club but outside the country. Working together outside the country, not inside. How can any journalist write something based on "Someone said something." But as always write crap. Make dirt in order to create pressure on Pep and President, indignation dagger.

Bulgarians gave an interview in Tel Aviv, where he arrived yesterday as guest of honor at Israeli club Maccabi Jaffa Kabilio, founded in 1949 by the Bulgarian Jews. Stoichkov said that Jose Mourinho has made a name in the history of world football, although coach big rival Real Madrid. Bulgarian added that Barcelona is the favorite for the title in Spain.

"Real Madrid and Valencia are stronger than previous years. There are many factors that determine who will become champion, but do not always speak for two teams. Valencian not exist? Seville does not exist? Said Stoichkov. In During his visit in Israel Bulgarians visited Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, and then participated in a friendly match between veterans of Maccabi Jaffa and formation of former Israeli internationals. Stoichkov reminded of their glory years, scored a nice goal with his left foot, but Later in his typical style protests against judge's ruling.


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