Thursday, November 18, 2010

Agent Agger denied interest by Intel

Агентът на Агер отрече за интерес от страна на Интер Liverpool defender Daniel Agger will not be leaving the club during the winter break, said his agent Per Stefensen. According to recent rumors, there is interest by the Danish Inter, the former coach of Liverpool and current of the Nerazzurri - Rafa Benitez is willing to work again with this player. According Stefensen However, there's no greater truth.

"Everything is just speculation, as always. When a player is not playing for his club immediately rumors about his transfer. Would one wants it, then another. Always look the same before each transfer window. Agger, however, has a contract with Liverpool until 2014 and not going anywhere, "snapped the agent.

Meanwhile, defender currently treat an ankle injury that kept him out of the game until the end of the year. To date, predictions for his recovery are not very optimistic.


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