Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aquilani Juventus thanked for his return to national team

Акуилани благодари на Ювентус за завръщането си в националния отбор Juventus midfielder Alberto Aquilani, thanked his club team, which he has contributed much to his return to the national team of Italy. Soccer for a long time not in the plans of the breeders of skuadra Azzurri because of problems with injuries and poor form. Since I went to rent in the "old lady" however, he again finds itself and it has not gone unnoticed by the breeder, Cesare Prandelli.

"Ever since I started to find consistency in his performances in Liverpool, my thought was if I would return the national team. Now this happens and I want to thank and Juventus coach Luigi Del Neri, who I voted trust and always count on me. I'd be happy if I stay in Turin and the club decided to buy me after the season. I would like to start new era with the team of the Bianconeri, "said Aquilani.

Former Roma player is expected to be held in the control of Romania, will partner in midfield with two players at Lazio, but he sees no problem with that.

"I see no problem with who will play. Already happened to me to play with players of Lazio. And this is the national team and all wear blue team. We are a team who wants to do well," said added 26 - year-old.


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