Monday, November 8, 2010

Beckham has no intention of stopping soon football

Бекъм няма намерение скоро да спира с футбола English soccer star David Beckham intends to play until the end of his contract for Los Angeles Galaxy, which expires in 2011 and a year and continues to hope for a spot in the national team of their country. Beckham said in an interview with AP that still does not know what to do after his contract in 2011-a year but does not intend to stop with football.

"I plan to play until my legs and I kept doing it at. Probably sounds like a cliche but true. I love the game and it remains my passion. I never thought it would come to the top, when I started as a child. I just wanted to pitch in and play. I see no reason to stop, after enjoying, "said Beckham on the occasion of his intentions.

35-year-old midfielder has a five-year contract with Major League-USA, which expires next year and is worth 32.5 million dollars.

"I definitely will stay here until the end of his contract. A family and I prepare, my sons go to school. I do not see why places added Beckham. He said he probably would not accept a new offer to play in rent in Milan or in any European team this winter. Asked if he left his ambitions to return to the England team and that Fabio Capello would prefer young players to the 35-year-old Beckham, the star said: I think Fabio is honest man. He said he would give equal chance to all. Indeed, in physical terms'm not at top level, but play no more than 40 days after injury. If I'm honest and I feel ready to 80-85 percent .


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