Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casillas expected a great match against Portugal

Касийяс очаква голям мач срещу Португалия Goalkeeper of the national team of Spain Iker Casillas expected to clash with a great team of Portugal tonight. He said the terrain in this game will come out great players and make real football show. Moreover, he added that very respected opponent, but "la beast" will only play to win.

"The clash between Portugal and Spain is a meeting between two great teams with great players in their composition. Rival will want to show the best of which is able to own fans, and to beat the world champion. We highly respect him and expect the same thereof. However, we will play only for victory. I wish Portugal and Spain to win hosting the World Cup in 2018. We are two of the leading countries in the sport and create great players. Portugal has always had a strong team and I think that we. I hope our dream to organize a world championship together to come true, "said Casillas.


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