Thursday, November 18, 2010

Schweinsteiger support Wesley Sneijder for Golden Ball

Швайнщайгер подкрепи Уесли Снайдер за "Златната топка" Midfielder Bayern (Munich) Bastian Schweinsteiger support Inter playmaker Wesley Sneijder in the fight for "Zlatnana ball. The Dutchman is one of the pretednetni award for the "France Football" and according to Schweich, he deserves to win it.

"Wesley Sneijder deserves to win the Golden Ball. I think he was the player who left the best impression with his performances this year. If after winning the Champions League, he had become world champion and it would certainly guarantee his honor. In any event, this year was great for him, "said Schweinsteiger.

German is also among the contenders for the award, but he himself does not believe that there is a real chance to win it because it has achieved some great success this season.

"There's no way I could win the Golden Ball because I won a major trophy. That is why the Spaniards as Xavi and Iniesta are favorites because they became world champions," said Schweich.


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