Thursday, December 2, 2010

At 17:00 the hosts declared at the World Championships in 2018 and 2022

В 17:00 часа обявяват домакините на Световните първенства през 2018 и 2022 FIFA will announce today at 17:00 host of world football finals in 2018 and 2022. Currently in Zurich candidate made their last presentations before the Executive Committee to make its decision.

England, Russia and the joint candidates of Spain and Portugal and Belgium and the Netherlands claimed the championship in 2018. As a major favorite seems to be the candidacy of England, which has not hosted a World Cup since 1966 when the Three Lions and won his only title in such a forum.

Here is the order in which candidates will make their presentations before the Executive Committee: Belgium / Holland, Spain / Portugal, England and finally Russia. All have 30 minutes to tip the scales in their favor. The official website of FIFA broadcast directly from Zurich throughout the day.

Contenders for the World Cup 2022, which made their presentations yesterday were: Australia, South Korea, Qatar, U.S. and Japan.


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