Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World praised alien Barcelona (press reviews)...

Светът възхвали извънземна Барселона (преглед на печата) Crushing victory over Real Madrid Barcelona last night caused a deafening resonance in the world media. The most prestigious European and world newspapers hat off to the Barcelona game and make fun of coach "white" Jose Mourinho.

The most widely read newspaper in Spain Marca published with the title "A lot of Barca ... and so little Madrid, the Spanish word for many - muchisimo, was written" mouchisimo "to zaigravki with Mourinho. "Defeated and crazy," says the other big headline in sports daily in Madrid - "AU". The daily El Pais simply named the defeat of Barcelona - Football talk through Barcelona. The largest newspaper in Spain - "ABC" wrote "Slap of Barcelona.

In Catalonia are over the moon with happiness. El Mundo Deportivo 'success stands by' Galamaystorstvo at Camp Nou. "Team orgasm, says" MD "." Barca humiliate Madrid petichka "writes" La Vanguardia ", and" El Periodico de Catalunya in December, "said for "real mockery.

In Italy, focus on the person of Jose Mourinho. "Barca have fun, Mourinho humiliated" wrote La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Tutosport" dating "humiliated Mourinho. Real Madrid as 5:0. Corriere dello Sport was more restrained in its title: "Barcelona with a lecture on Mourinho.

In Germany, Bild said the "Gala-Barca, but as is the subtitle reads" Mourinho and Jozias galactic dishonored. The electronic edition of the "kickers" writes with admiration: "5:0! Real Madrid abused in Classic. French Team "sets a word game" Fantastic! ".

The British press also praised Barca. Barcelona 5:0 Real Madrid, "simply says" Dream. " With the same title presented meeting "Guardian". Media prestigious BBC "goes the title in your e-page:" Messi shines while Barca gromi Madrid. Greek media shows Sport24 wit: "Special One, 2, 3, 4, 5", dancing with the nickname of Jose.

In Argentina and Brazil also flatter Barcelona. In the country of Lionel Messi, his name is not in the title in big media. Fun moose kules ", says Ole." "Barcelona was played out the story against Real Madrid, says Clarin. Barcelona demolish 5:0 Real Madrid, "reads the title of the Brazilian newspaper O Globo.


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