Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tribunal rejects elected president of the Chilean soccer

Трибунал отхвърли избрания президент на чилийския футбол Court in Chile has decided that the newly elected president of the Football Association of Jorge Segovia can hold office, Reuters reported. "tribunal of honor" ruled the native Spain Segovia, who won election on November 4, is in conflict of interest because of ties between his business and club UNION Hispaniola. "Mr. Segovia does not qualify as a candidate for the post of president of the Chilean Football Association. Therefore, the results of the election on November 4 void, " said the tribunal.

New presidential elections are scheduled on January 15, the date on which the new head of the plant should be inaugurated. Developments open the door for the return of the breeder of the national team Marcelo Bielsa, who stepped down because of conflict with Segovia.


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