Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beckenbauer disappointed by the choice of Russia and Qatar

Бекенбауер разочарован от избора на Русия и Катар The way the International Football Federation (FIFA) has chosen to host the world championships in 2018 and a 2022-a year is not correct, "said one member of the Executive Committee Franz Beckenbauer. He remained frustrated by the pattern of votes, after FIFA announced the collected votes of each drop applications.
German said that Australia and England who were among the favorites were not ashamed of the votes cast against the winners of Russia and Qatar. English received two of the 22 votes for 2018 a year, while Australians had only one for 2022-a.

"I am disappointed by the vote. We, the members of the Executive Committee learned that they will not know the exact votes that each candidate received. You only know which country eliminated after each round. Several hours later we learned the different voices on the radio," said Bekenbauer.Rusiya win more bids in Spain / Portugal and Belgium / Netherlands, while only against Australia win against Qatar Republic of Korea, Japan and USA.

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